general_liability_insuranceGeneral liability insurance protects the assets of a business from bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Florida general liability insurance pays on your behalf for your liability in damages up to your policy limits, legal defense in addition to your policy limits, and some supplementary payments such as investigation expenses. General liability insurance covers claims amassing from the incident, the cost of defending lawsuits, and judgments required during an appeal procedure.

General liability insurance also covers the policyholder in case of bodily injury for the cost of care; the loss of services; and restitution for any death that results from an injury at the workplace. In case of property damage, general liability coverage may compensate the property owner for the physical damage or the loss of use of the property.

The amount of general liability coverage your Florida business should carry depends on the risks associated with your type of business.

If someone is accidentally injured at your Florida business site, general liability coverage covers medical (and/or funeral) expenses incurred within one year of the accident up to your policy's limits. For example, a customer falls on your premises and has to seek medical. Your business' Florida general liability policy will cover those medically related claims. It is important to note, however, that general liability insurance does not cover any damages in case an employee sues the employer for an injury the employer seemingly caused. Workers' compensation insurance covers those instances.

A general liability policy typically includes liability protection for a company's completed products or services. If the company's products or services are found to be faulty and caused some injury or damage to a person, the general liability policy would pay for damages and legal expenses regardless of who was at fault (up to the policy's limit).

General liability insurance provides broad coverage for Florida businesses. Aside from physical harm to a person your business might accidentally cause, a Florida general liability policy protects you in case you are accused of publishing inaccurate information that libels an individual or organization, like a client. General liability policies cover published documents that violate someone's right of privacy; falsely arrest, detain or imprison them.

General Liability coverage also extends to contractual liability. This means that Florida businesses are protected when engaging on some types of contracts like a building lease, some license agreements, maintenance agreements, etc.