Halloween can be a scary time if you consider the risks to your home and the safety of your family and visitors, but with a few tricks we've put together for you, we can help you keep this holiday full of fun and treats.


  1. Light it up – Ensure that your home and walkways are well-lit to avoid tripping and falling, especially for those who may be wearing bulky costumes or ones which may restrict vision.
  2. Secure walkways - Remove obstructions such as lawn ornaments, toys or other items out of the way. Make sure railings are secure and steps are free of trip hazards.
  3. Practice pet safety - Put your four-legged children in a safe location, where they won't be alarmed by unknown guests to prevent them from jumping on or snapping at trick-or-treaters.
  4. Pumpkin carving is for adults - Small hands and sharp knives aren't a good combination. Avoid injuries by making sure the pumpkin is dry, and use a pumpkin carving kit.
  5. Avoid fires – Don't leave jack-o'lanterns unattended, where they can be tipped over and start a fire. Use a battery a powered light to skip the risk. Purchase light sticks and battery powered lanterns rather candles or luminaries. It's also a great time to test your smoke alarm and make sure the batteries are fresh.
  6. Serve wisely – Never serve alcohol to anyone under the legal age. Provide non-alcoholic beverages for them and also for those who will be driving. Use only commercially packaged treats for treat-or-treaters and avoid any containing peanuts for those with allergies. Never leave treats out unattended where they could be tainted and beware of choking hazards for small ones.
  7. Discourage vandals and burglars - Set your security system before leaving for parties or trick-or-treating. Motion sensitive lighting can help provide security.
  8. Garage the car – Putting your car safely in a garage can prevent vandalism or inadvertent damage.

Last, but not least, check with a trusted insurance agent to make sure that your home and autos have adequate coverage. Remember liability claims can arise unanticipated like Dracula from the grave.

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