94% of crashes are related to human choice or error, and over 35,000 people died last year because of them. Because many of these accidents were preventable and frequently due to distracted driving, there has been a push toward a solution to make driving safer.

To this end, self-driving cars are being tested in Florida, and there is a lot of interest in the possibilities, and debate over whether they will increase safety. Below are listed some of the ways it is believed that these self-driving cars will reduce the number of automobile accidents each year.



  • Computers could remove human error and would use complicated algorithms to determine appropriate stopping distances, distances from another vehicles and other information to help reduce risks.
  • Computers can't be distracted, and drivers can use driving time to read or talk with others without the worry about road safety.
  • Traffic conditions and congestion could improve, reducing commute times and gasoline usage.
  • Disabled individuals and the elderly could benefit from enhanced mobility, especially in areas without adequate public transportation.
  • Driving times could be shortened by speed limits becoming unnecessary at some point in time. The computer could calculate safe operation speeds.
  • Drunk driving would be eliminated when the car drives itself, and police officers could be freed to focus on other crimes.
  • Sensors could allow more cars to share the road, with less traffic problems.
  • Parking problems could be virtually eliminated by a car dropping off its occupant before finding parking further away.
  • No driving license would be necessary.

In fact, in a recent study, 58% of those polled stated that they'd be willing to take a ride in a self-driving car. Although the technology is still being developed and tested, there may be numerous opportunities associated with self-driving cars, in addition to many questions and concerns.

Self-driving cars may not completely eliminate car accidents. There are questions as to what drivers will do in the event of a technology failure, and who would be legally responsible if a car accident occurred. It will certainly be interesting to watch the impact of this technology as the future unfolds.
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