Imagine working very hard to save up the money you need to buy an expensive or valuable item. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay a little bit extra to protect that investment of your time and money to ensure that one unfortunate accident didn’t destroy everything you worked so hard to achieve? Some people do not understand why is insurance important. They think they can save money by not paying for the peace of mind insurance can bring and instead pay to replace anything they have that gets damaged or destroyed.

This article covers not only why insurance is important but also what kinds of insurance you need to protect yourself from an unexpected financial burden.

Why Is Insurance Important for your peace of mind? 

Buying insurance is important because it ensures that you remain financially stable throughout any crisis in your life. Insurance is a crucial part of financial planning. The peace of mind insurance that can provide you as a homeowner, car owner, or traveler is invaluable and helps you live as freely as possible. With insurance, you know that no matter what life throws at you, you will likely receive a payout or financial support in case of an unforeseen event. 

The Most Common Insurance Claims 

If you contact an insurance services provider, you will learn that there are various types of insurance policies that you can take out. This section will cover the most common types of insurance that can bring your peace of mind.

  • Car Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Insurance

Car Insurance 

Anyone who drives a vehicle needs car insurance. Driving uninsured is not only against the law. It is dangerous as the vehicle and the driver isn’t protected in case of collision, theft, or vandalism. Auto insurance covers motorcycles, trucks, cars, and other vehicles. It is designed to protect you against bodily injury or physical damage that could result from driving, even if your driving is reckless or you get in an accident.

Life Insurance 

Having life insurance is vitally important if you have anyone who depends on you for basic needs like food and shelter. Expenses from an unexpected death can be pretty high. From settling an estate to organizing a funeral, the costs of a person dying add up quickly. A life insurance policy can help ease the financial burden of these costs placed on your children or surviving spouse. 

Health Insurance 

Even expected health care can be expensive. From medication costs to routine visits, healthcare costs are notorious for bankrupting people – especially those who do not have health insurance. Health insurance is a contract between the policyholder and the insurer that requires the health insurer to pay for a portion or all of the medical costs associated with a policyholder. 

Home Insurance 

If you own a home, you will likely be highly interested in maintaining its value. Homeowners insurance covers the house you live in and any associated structures like your garage or balcony in case of significant damage like a fire.


If you’ve avoided paying for insurance policies in the past, you may want to reevaluate how you think about insurance. At Dunham Insurance Services, we believe in creating unique policies tailored to our client’s needs. No matter what type of insurance coverage you need. We take the extra time to ensure that you completely understand your coverage and that it fits your needs perfectly. Get in touch today to discuss what type of insurance may be best for you!