Top Tips for Getting Cheaper Car Insurance

Turning Your Current Car Insurance into Cheap Car Insurance

Everyone needs car insurance. Whether you have a spotless driving record, or have been in multiple fender benders, car insurance is a necessary part of owning and operating a vehicle. However, many car owners are unaware that their current car insurance policy may be unnecessarily high. We’ve put together a list below of handy tips and tricks for those that are new to car insurance, as well as those who already have car insurance, on obtaining the best policy for the lowest price.

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Lower Your Home Insurance and Save Money with Credits

Finding the best premium to cut your insurance costs and save money is important. Whether you’re in the process of reviewing your home insurance or shopping for a new insurance policy, people think that if they already have a price it’s the best it can be. Over time though, your personal situation and the discounts an insurance company provides can change; so it’s worth contacting your insurance provider periodically to see what can be done to reduce your home insurance costs. Keep scrolling to read our top tips to lower your home insurance costs without reducing your coverage by using credits and discounts.

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Try These 4 Tips to Reduce Your Costs

Do you wish you had more control over certain things, including your auto insurance premium?

It’s true that many factors can’t be changed, like your age or how many years of driving experience you have. But with a little effort, you might be able to influence other factors (and potentially lower your premium).

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10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Pet Insurance

In the same way that health insurance covers hospital and doctor visits for people, pet insurance provides the same type of medical coverage for your four-footed best friends. Pet insurance is a great way to help you take the sting out of any unexpected veterinary bills and is sometimes an overlooked part of becoming a pet owner. However, doing research into what pet insurance would be best for your animal companion can be overwhelming. Keep reading to see our top 10 questions to ask when finding the best pet insurance for your furry (or scaly) friend!

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Home Owners- Beware of AOB Fraud

This last week, many locations across South Florida have received between 4”- 14” of rain, which is typically a month’s worth of June rain. The cloudburst has broken daily records in numerous cities from West Palm Beach to Ft Lauderdale.

While the deluge has thrown things out of gear, homeowners are finding themselves deal-ing with flooding and damage to roofing and other features of their homes. Unfortunately, these desperate situations have also seen a spike in Assignment of Benefits (AOB) fraud and abuse cases.

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Hurricane Deductible Buyback; All You Need To Know

Seven out of ten of the worst, costliest hurricanes in US history occurred in the State of Florida. This translates to billions of dollars in damaged homes, businesses, and all the cleanup and reconstruction costs that follow afterwards. As a property owner, it’s not enough to reinforce your house or take sufficient safety measures in readiness for the next hurricane. Rather, you’ll also require a solid back up in the form of an insurance policy.

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