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Renters Insurance

If you are planning on living in Florida (or even if you already are) and are renting your home, then renters insurance should be on your radar. Renters insurance provides affordable protection for Florida residents living in rented homes. Coverage extends to detached homes, condominiums and townhouses, mobile homes and apartments.  

A Florida renters policy protects you and your possessions. Florida renters insurance coverage is generally very affordable and can help you start over in the event of personal property loss. 

A renters insurance policy covers damage to the tenant’s property in the event of damage at the property they are renting. Florida residents benefit from this coverage knowing their possessions are protected against loss. 

Florida renters insurance also does more than insure property. It also provides the policyholder, you, with liability coverage against claims made by other people due to circumstances that might come up while they are on your property. If someone got injured while on your rented dwelling, they may want to recover their medical expenses or lost wages sustained as a result of their injury. Renters insurance protects you from having to cover these potentially disastrous expenses out-of-pocket. For a nominal premium each month, a renters insurance policy can save you from needlessly going deep into debt due to circumstances beyond your control. Contact us today if you’re renting your home in Florida to discuss a renters policy for you! 

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