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Founded in 1997 by Christopher Dunham after successfully working in one of the top insurance agencies in the country, Mr. Dunham left his employer because he believed an insurance agency could provide its customers with a more bespoke service than what was currently available throughout the industry. Mr. Dunham knew that insurance policies can often be overwhelming, and he was passionate about creating a more holistic insurance agency that would put its customers interests first and foremost.  


Every employee of Dunham Insurance Services is passionate about creating clear and comprehensive insurance policies for their clients. At Dunham Insurance, no matter what type of insurance coverage you need, we take the extra time to discuss your coverage needs so we can advise on our recommendations. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to provide our customers with bespoke packages. Our objective is always to reduce our clients’ insurance costs by providing quality business, home, auto/marine, commercial and personal umbrella policies. This unique business ethos has propelled Dunham Insurance Services to become one of the most trusted and respected insurance agencies throughout Florida and the country. 

Our Team

Brett Jewell

Gisela Gaspar

Gisela Gaspar

Diversity and Inclusion

At Dunham Insurance, we recognize that our customers come from many a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. No matter where you come from, rest assured you will always be warmly welcomed at Dunham Insurance Services. 

We hope that when you visit our office you will notice that our employees reflect the diversity of our clients. Inclusion and diversity are top priorities at our company and, like our customers, all of our staff are treated with respect as individuals and professionals. In fact, Dunham Insurance Services is so committed to workforce diversity that we have a formal non-discrimination policy. This policy mandates that no one will be discriminated against based on race, color, religion, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, age, genetic information, medical condition, physical and/or mental disability (including HIV and AIDS), marital status, citizenship, ancestry, national origin or military/veteran status with respect to recruiting, hiring, promotion and compensation. 

While it is important to promote diversity internally within our company, we understand that doing business with external suppliers that are equally as committed to these types of policies and programs, is just as important. That’s why this year we implemented a Supplier Diversity Program at Dunham Insurance. This program has clear goals which drives as much of our purchasing spend to certified diverse-owned businesses as possible. Dunham Insurance Services has even been certified by the NGLCC as a diverse-owned business (an LGBTBE) since 2016.  

We also work closely with the local Florida chapters of the NGLCC, the National Minority Supplier Development Council, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and others, to identify high-quality, certified diverse-owned businesses from which to purchase the goods and services we need in order to do our jobs for our customers.  

If you or someone you know is a Diverse Business Supplier and you think their services may be of use to us, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. 


Meet the Present. Be Mindful of the Future. With the increasing pressures of climate change on the environment and human life, Dunham Insurance Services believes now – more than ever – in doing business in an environmentally sustainable way. We are committed to environmental responsibility both in the way we carry our operations and in the services we offer. 

From using eco-friendly products in our offices, to recycling and conserving energy, our staff promotes sustainability to our partners and customers whenever possible. Our offices are equipped with low-energy appliances and equipment when possible, we buy recycled materials when available and we always remember to turn the lights off at night. 

By conducting our business in an environmentally aware way, we align our long-term success business sustainability with our planet’s.  

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