Filing a claim after a hurricane

Once a hurricane is over and you and your loved ones are safe, you can start assessing your home for damages. If it’s safe to do so, take any necessary actions to prevent further damage to your home, such as tarping the roof, boarding up windows, and removing debris. 

 Document your loss by taking pictures and video of all damage BEFORE discarding of anything. 

 Once you have assessed that your damage will meet your deductible, please call the insurance company directly. They will have hotlines set up specifically to help you expedite the claims process. 

 Please keep in mind that we will be recovering as well and may not have power or phones at the office. 

Here is a list of the insurance companies phone numbers:

All Risks 877-346-0300 code 2804

Anchor Insurance 844-365-5588

ASI 866-274-5677

Avatar 877-233-3237

Bass Underwriters 954-473-4488

Citizens 866-411-2742

Federated National 800-293-2532 #2 #2

Florida Family 888-850-4663 #8

Florida Peninsula 866-549-9672

GeoVera 877-448-5806

Heritage 855-415-7120

Homeowners Choice 866-324-3138

MetLife 800-854-6011

National Flood Services 800-759-8656

Olympus 877-262-4152

Peoples Trust 877-333-1230

Prepared Flood 877-254-6819

Prepared Insurance 877-313-1824

Safepoint Insurance 855-252-4615

Security First Insurance 877-581-4862

Southern Oak Insurance 877-900-2280

St. Johns 877-748-2059

Tower Hill 800-342-3401

TypTap 844-289-7968 opt 1

United P&C 888-256-3378

Universal Property 800-425-9113 opt 2

Weston Insurance 877-505-3040

Wright Flood 800-725-9472