The Benefits and Risks of Self-Driving Automobiles

94% of crashes are related to human choice or error, and over 35,000 people died last year because of them. Because many of these accidents were preventable and frequently due to distracted driving, there has been a push toward a solution to make driving safer.

To this end, self-driving cars are being tested in Florida, and there is a lot of interest in the possibilities, and debate over whether they will increase safety. Below are listed some of the ways it is believed that these self-driving cars will reduce the number of automobile accidents each year.


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Tech Pirates

The amazing technological advances of today’s modern age has changed our everyday life and especially our business practices. There is not a business out there that does not use a computer at some point in their regular process. We are utterly dependent upon them. Because of this, today’s modern criminal has also adapted. I think of them as “Tech Pirates”. Just like back in the days of old, on the high seas, pirates attacked a ship, breached security, stole everything they could, and often held hostage the ship, crew, and anyone else on board. Their goal was profit. Today, Tech Pirates attack us at home and at work, and They are VERY good at it. Billions of dollars are stolen every year through cyber-attacks and data breach.

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Can You Afford Not to Have a Flood Policy?

In the last 15 months, six U.S. states have experienced deadly flooding, including most recently, Louisiana. As a result of climate change, seas are continuing to rise and extreme weather is becoming more frequent. Therefore, more properties will flood more often, according to scientists and policy experts. Additionally, more and heavier precipitation is expected in the years to come because warmer air holds more moisture.

According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), "In many cities, even a fraction of an inch of rainfall already leads to flooding and sewage overflows. Flooding on major rivers is expected to become more likely, and coastal communities will be threatened by rising sea levels."
Another major issue with flood insurance due to climate change is that only homes in designated floodplains are required to hold policies by federal law. In many regions of the country, these maps haven’t been updated for many years. For example, in Louisiana only about 20 percent of homes have flood insurance.

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7 Tricks for a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween can be a scary time if you consider the risks to your home and the safety of your family and visitors, but with a few tricks we've put together for you, we can help you keep this holiday full of fun and treats.

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4 Big Reasons to Get Commercial Property Insurance for Your Business

If you're a business owner, one of the most important types of business insurance is commercial property insurance. Whether you own the building where you do business or you're a tenant, commercial property insurance is a necessity to cover a variety of risks, including loss or damage to:

• Your premises
• Computer equipment
• Furniture
• Inventory


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3 Terrific Ways a Renter's Insurance Policy Can Cover You

The things that you own and for which you've worked hard to attain can be damaged or destroyed in an instant by fire, lightning, storms, or burst pipes to name just a few examples. Vandalism and theft are also risks, yet according to statistics, only 37% of renters have a renter's insurance policy.

A common misconception is that if you're renting or leasing your apartment or home, your landlord's insurance will cover your possessions and any liability for injury to visitors in your home. Although in reality, your landlord's insurance covers only his structure, not your belongings.

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