wedding_insuranceWhile wedding insurance sound just like it, the decision to purchase it is highly personal. A Florida wedding insurance policy will protect you from unforeseen disasters and mishaps. The average cost of a wedding is now at almost $30,000. Considering this large expense, wedding insurance becomes almost a necessity.

Ask yourself, would I buy a $30,000 car and not insure it?

There are different kinds of wedding insurance policies available in Florida. Some are designed to cover either a more intimate affair or a specific risky part (like lost luggage en route to your destination wedding). Some of the most common wedding insurance policies available to you are:

  • Weather. Postponing the celebration because of rain or other bad weather. Some policies cover the cost of rescheduling.
  • Illness or Injury. In case members of the wedding party get sick or injured and cause the wedding to be postponed.
  • A Missing Officiate. In case of a missing minister, justice of the peace, rabbi or other celebrant should be a no-show.
  • Missing vendors. This policy covers you if the caterer, florist, photographer, or other key vendor is a no-show. Some policies cover the cost of rescheduling the entire ceremony.
  • Location. In case the reception site doesn't already carry their own insurance, this type of policy covers damage to the site caused by fire, electrical or mechanical problems. It also covers the venue going out of business.

Wedding insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and worth securing to make sure your special day is well protected.

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